Greeting from the Southern Utah Woodturners!  Jerry Keller and I thought there might be a few folks in the area that shared the same passion for woodturning so we made up a poster and placed an ad in the paper.  Our goal was to find a half dozen guys so we could sit at a coffee shop lie about our talents and also solve world problems (giving back to the community).  Well 25 turners showed up at our first meeting and it hasn’t been the same since.  We are close to 80 members now and growing.  The one thing that makes this club great are the members and their willingness to share their craft with others.  I invite whoever is checking this website out to come to a few meetings and enjoy the fun we have.  To quote one of our members after we had tried for a couple years to get him to a meeting and as he sat towards the back of the room observing he thought to himself, “These old guys are just having too much fun so where do I sign up”.  Do come for a visit. 

Will Arcularius